Any services connected with academic works are the usual victims of widespread prejudice. It is always wrong to generalize, that’s why we try to explain what it is we do before anyone makes a mistake.

  • Our main goal is helping you do everything right, not doing it ourselves. We do not write any papers for our customers, nor do we take on any work intended for them. What we actually offer is highly professional assistance that would make everything a mere child’s play for you.
  • We may give you a general direction, but all the ideas will be yours to generate. No one is trying to cheat here – the result must be your own. It’s the only way for you to see that you can endure this kind of education and comprehend what you’re about to start learning.
  • The expert you’re going to work with will be your partner and consultant, not a tutor of any sort. With his help, you’re going to fulfill every goal you choose for yourself.

Let’s put it straight – we offer a way for you to enhance your skills, gain new ones and achieve new heights. It’s not cheating – it’s proper education.


Just tell us your goal and we will help you to make your dream come true!

ApplyStrategy will help you to develop the best strategy for you to succeed. Without a doubt we will do our best to help you to be admitted to the business school you want.

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